Ruby Daniels

Currently studying a PGCE in Secondary English at the University of Cambridge. 

Five Minutes came about from a constant fascination with the people around me, from random encounters to lifelong relationships. Everything I write seems to stem from conversations, interactions and observations of people, which I hope this website will document. 

I am also currently writing a novel. I have been currently-writing-a-novel since I was seven. I’m really hoping it’s my age and life stage, rather than some sort of unaddressed commitment issue, that makes me very able to begin a novel and even more able to discard it a few chapters later - always for the next idea, which will always be better, which never makes it past 20,000 words. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein at my age, and she didn’t even have a laptop. 


I recently finished a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London - sat on my sofa in pyjamas, mid-lockdown - and have since moved to Cambridge to begin teacher training. 

So, that’s about it! I truly hope, if you’re having a browse, that you enjoy this website. Especially if you happen to be a literary agent.